Teams & Leaders at Sahalie

Teams & Leaders ("T&L") have partnered with Sahalie Ski Club to provide the right training in the right environment to encourage learning and team building and to have fun.

Located within an hour of Seattle at beautiful Snoqualmie Pass, Sahalie is the ideal location for a wide range of team building activities any time of the year. It is perfect for overnight and multi-day training and activities, yet close enough for participants to return to Seattle each evening if necessary.

T&L has more than 15 years of experience advancing the practice of leadership and Emotional Intelligence. This experience spans a broad range of companies (from large corporate organizations to the small mom and pop shops). T&L has worked across all employee levels, from entry to executives. We teach the skills and behaviors that create lasting positive change in participants lives and in their ability to add value to your organization.

T&L will draw upon a variety of elements to create a unique program designed specifically to address your organizations' challenges/needs. The following courses have proven popular with many of our clients:

Leading with Emotional Intelligence at Sahalie – EQS1

Intended for participants that want to take the first steps in learning about their EQ and increase their capacity to lead. This highly interactive two-day workshop brings insight into your own personal Emotional Intelligence and provides tools to enhance your EQ and communication skills. This is one of our most popular workshops!
To register, go HERE or contact us at and mention
"Leading with Emotional Intelligence at Sahalie."

Advanced Emotional Intelligence at Sahalie - EQS2

Our Advanced Emotional Intelligence - EQS2 is designed for participants who have already taken part in one of our EQ trainings. This intensive 2-day training is a great opportunity for your team to brush up on and further develop your EQ skills.
Register HERE or contact and mention
"Advanced Emotional Intelligence at Sahalie"
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